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Very hot one”summer”Swimsuit upwards
Very hot one”summer”Swimsuit upwards

Subjects: sports shop outside the stadium Datianwan$35 "water show"brand women's swimwear.
Experimental institutions: City Fiber Inspection Bureau.
Results: cheap one piece bathing suits component identification tag does not match with the elastic failed.
Test 1
Ingredients: inconsistent with identification tag
Swimwear tag says: fabric composed of polyester 94% spandex 6%.First grade class products.Manufacturer Zhejiang Yiwu Yong Gao Hang garment factory industry,but did not indicate production standards.
"Strictly speaking,such a product can be considered substandard."Inspectors said that production standards are an important basis for testing whether the product is qualified.Finally,according to inspectors FZ/T73013-2010 "knitted swimsuit"standard swimsuit for testing.
Component test results found that only 4.7% spandex swimsuit component of this inconsistent with the tag identification.
The staff in the detection swimwear fabric tensile properties.
Chongqing Morning News reporter Hu Jieshe
Test 2
Summer,many people like to go to enjoy a refreshing pool.Your swimsuit ready? Do not ignore the quality and safety of swimsuit.An inferior swimsuit not only durable,but also easy to damage your skin.This week,a reporter for swimwear market some research and buy a swimsuit on several common market,to market fiber inspection bureau.
Survey swimming trunks swimsuit issue than
Minimum is less than 10 yuan,the highest nearly a thousand,swimwear price the market can be said to be uneven.Large shopping malls in the basic price of brand swimwear over$200.
Reporters outside the stadium in the intersection of the two Datianwan several swimwear shop,men's swimming trunks found in the basic price of 30 yuan,the price of the women's swimsuits are more than 30 yuan,not girls swimsuit prices are more than one hundred yuan.
"There's nothing to pick men,wearing comfortable on the line."Boss admits a swimsuit shop.Most of them are women swimwear swimsuit shop,selling prices of most models are in the hundred or less.
Reporters found that the majority of swimwear on the market for the fiber made??,feels thickness are different.Some low-cost or no swimsuit texture thin lining,easily emptied.And some men swimming trunks is no tag,and some even have,above only the brand name,no manufacturer,not fabric composition and other information.
Reporters on several markets to buy more common swimwear for women sent to the City Fiber Inspection Bureau.Since single Mens swimwear fabric is not enough experimental sampling,so the final inspection staff chose women swimsuit inspection.
The blue flowers mixed with a reporter to spend 35 yuan swimsuit Datianwan outside the stadium in a sporting goods store to buy.Shop owner said that the store's "best-selling models,"high cost.
Test results
Flexibility: tensile elastic failure
The test items index measured value judgment ingredient products Polyester (Polyester) 94% 95.3% 4.7% 6% in line with spandex
Compliance with seawater fastness as discoloration ≥ 3-4 4-5 comply cotton staining ≥ 3 4-5 accord
Polyester fabric staining ≥ 3 4-5 meets chlorinated water color fastness,resistance to discoloration as ≥ 3 4-5 conform to the tensile elastic elongation straightforward
≥ 100% 107.4% in line with the lateral ≥ 80% 64.3% resistance to chlorinated water does not meet the tensile elastic recovery straightforward to ≥ 65% 90.2% compliance with the lateral line with ≥ 65% 90.7%
Although swimwear measured ingredients within the error range,but spandex component is too low,will directly affect the elasticity of the swimsuit.
Flexibility is an important indicator of the quality inspection swimsuit eligibility.In general,a good swimsuit elastic spandex fabric content of 18% or more,while the poor little or no swimsuit spandex content,slightly larger range of motion,swimwear easily deformed,broken and so on.
"I feel not very good flexibility."Inspectors pulled his hand back and forth a few times swimsuit,made ??a preliminary judgment.Inspectors will swimsuits horizontal,vertical sampling,respectively elasticity and resistance to chlorinated water test tensile elastic recovery test.
After testing,tensile elastic elongation of this swimsuit transverse samples failed."I did not lower the pool,so wear a few times may be deformed."Inspectors said.
Test 3
Color fastness: If skin discoloration will hurt
If you want to see the sea wearing a swimsuit nice,certainly do not buy seawater fastness unqualified swimsuit.Color fastness unqualified swimsuit easy to fade,will not only affect the appearance,but also directly harm the wearer's skin.
Inspectors simulated sea water and swimming pool water environment,this piece swimsuit color fastness was tested.
More people buying swimwear is worn in the pool,and therefore resistant to chlorinated water fastness swimsuit eligibility is also very important.
Inspectors pool water environment simulation system out of chlorinated water reagent,then flip the sample was washed one hour after the reagent with lining cloth,then compared to the color fastness grade colors.Upon examination,color fastness qualified.
In summary,this cheap tankini swimwear inspection though many indicators,but flexibility is not up to a "flawed",and therefore inferior quality products.