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It is important to buy a swimsuit fabric label to
It is important to buy a swimsuit fabric label to

Summer,public swimming exhibit very high enthusiasm.Accompanying is the cheap skited swimsuits,swim trunks selling products.However,the reporter found that the current market 
swimwear quality varies greatly.Shijiazhuang Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision Xianjian the experts advise,swimwear posted as wearing special clothing,"knitted 
swimsuit"standard swimwear fabric ph value,formaldehyde content,fiber content,such as making the relevant requirements,consumers buy swimwear,be sure to carefully read 
Reporter visited the market found in different places selling price is also very different swimsuits.In general stalls,a women's swimsuit only three $ 40 men's 
swimming trunks 10 yuan can buy one.However,to a large shopping mall,a women in swimsuits at least three or four hundred,including a Lycra swimsuit women,is as high as 1,300 
yuan.So what about it to buy a swimsuit? 
"As water swimming places often contain chemical ingredients,so as a special swimsuit costume wearing stickers,and selection must not be vague."Experts 
Shijiazhuang,Xian Jian told reporters,"knitted swimsuit"standard swimwear fabric ph value ,formaldehyde content,fiber content made ​​relevant requirements "clothes,ph 
value such as swimwear wearing stickers requirements between 4.0-7.5,formaldehyde content of less than equal to 75 milligrams per kilogram."
Here,experts remind consumers to take a closer look when choosing swimwear label,in addition to comfort and personal is also very important,swimwear tighter than some 
normal clothes,one is elastic fabric dictates,on the other hand,after the water,water gravity will drag bathing suits for women phenomenon,if not personal,it is easy to fall in 
risk.Meanwhile,the selection should be fit for kids swimwear,bright colors dominated in terms of color,so that parents can always noticed that the child's behavior.