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High Waisted Bikinis 


I love it...


Me and my swim wear


Good swim suit quality. Bottom did not fit but top was fine. Ended up giving it to my cousin. Great high waisted swim suit. I am going to order a larger size. Color is Black white and red. As you can see fits great on her. Cups are lined


boobs too big for the top but very cute cover up my fat lol jk


Love this bikini! The top is a bit big for my bust but I can easily take it in. It fits my hips so well!


I absolutely love this bathing suit. The only issues I had with the fit was the top was smaller than what it should of been for an XL. The bottoms were great but there was no inner lining on the back side so I was a little worried people might be able to see through it. The color, buttons, and style was everything I wanted. I would buy from this company again you cannot beat the reasonable price. It arrived in 2 weeks!